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The Nicolas Cage Adventure Set

The Nicolas Cage Adventure Set

$ 10.00

The fate of Nicolas Cage is in your hands! Spend minutes, possible even *hours* making your own scenes and adventures with this vinyl sticker play kit (I would call it a Colorforms set, but Colorforms is a registered trademark of University Games). 

This is a brand-new set for 2014, but it is fully compatible with the original 2009 Nicolas Cage Adventure Set.

Each Nicolas Cage Adventure Set comes with 9 reusable vinyl cling stickers (3 Nic Cages, rocket boots, sombrero, keytar, Grzzblyzzyx, golden idol, and kitten in a basket) and a reversible double-sided play backdrop (two environments: "outer space" and "jungle ruins"). Packaged in a "Caution Nicolas Cage" wrapper. Sticker sheet and backdrop both measure 8.5" x 11."