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Pay What You Want commission

Pay What You Want commission

$ 1.00

NOTE: I'm no longer taking orders for pay-what-you-want commissions in 2021, but I'm leaving this info up for those who've already purchased one, and as a reminder for people wanting to purchase one when I open up commission slots again (probably Spring 2022).


You pay me what you want to pay, and I'll send you what I feel is the proper amount of art.* Send me $1, I'll send you a napkin doodle. Maybe I'll make you a $96 diorama. Pay me $20,000, and I guess I have to fly to your home and paint a mural in your study.  $500 might get you a somewhat reasonable-ish small painting.

The only catch is that you have ZERO control over subject matter--it's 100% Chef's Choice. (Although if there's something you hate--"Don't even try to give me a drawing of Hugh Jackman!"--you can put that in the "notes" when you check out).

Also, please note the delivery for your art will be "sometime in 2021, or possibly early 2022." This depends on how complex the piece is, how many of these I have to do, etc. 

Questions? E-mail brandonbird@gmail.com


*Okay, technically this isn't true pay-what-you-want, but the shopify software doesn't allow that, so you have to pick from a set of random prices.