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“Paploo” original oil portrait

“Paploo” original oil portrait

$ 375.00

Trivia: this Ewok (played by Kenny Baker, who was also inside the R2-D2 costume) was designed to be Wicket, the Ewok who befriends Princess Leia. However, on the day of filming, Baker fell ill, and a young Ewok performer named Warwick Davis, who had impressed the producers on stage in London, was plucked from the ranks... and an acting legend was born! Baker's role, meanwhile, would be rewritten into a new character called Paploo, and given the scenes where an Ewok steals a speeder bike.  

An Ewok-sized oil and pencil work on gessoed masonite panel measuring 5" x 7." Panel is slotted on the back for easy display without framing (but you can frame it if you'd like!).