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Weird little SW painting

Weird little SW painting

$ 125.00

Most of my paintings are meticulous and complicated and take forever. But lately, at the end of the day, I've been making spontaneous one or two-hour paintings just for fun using whatever's left on my palette.

Here is a chance to help me exercise my art muscles and get a piece of original art in the process: pay a flat fee in advance, and I will send you one of those small weird experimental paintings as I make them.

Medium: oil paint!

Size: could be as small as 4" x 4," or as large as 16" x 20!"

Material: sturdy 1/8" thick masonite panel with a little notch in back so you can hang it without needing a frame (or you could frame it, either/or). Sometimes I paint on canvas, but I like panels more.

Subject matter: Star Wars! Exactly what the painting is will be up to me, the artist, but feel free to put any likes/dislikes/suggestions in the "notes" section when you place your order (e.g. "cantina aliens," or "no Lobot, please"). Thumbnails are examples of similar pieces, but yours could be totally different! Click here if you want to pick different subject matter.

Delivery: Orders will start shipping January 2023 on a mostly first come, first served basis. 

If you have any questions, you can email me at brandonbird@gmail.com.